HTC One Devices Priced in UK

HTC One Devices Priced in UK

Right after HTC's announcement of its One smartphones, the three Android 4.0 devices are spotted as a pre-order on Clove, a UK online retailer. The One X, One S and One V are priced at 410 pounds (around S$817), 375 pounds (around S$747) and 220 pounds (S$438) respectively.

This is in line with HTC's pricing strategy over the last two years, with its high-end smartphones taking the range of S$800 and above while its mid-range devices are priced a hundred dollars or so below that price bracket.

Not surprisingly, the One V will be the new budget smartphone that's targeted at the masses, with its approximate pricing slightly above S$400 as an indication. And let us not forget the fact that all three smartphones, when bundled with a two-year mobile plan will see an additional subsidy, depending on the price plan you sign up with.

Source: Clove via GSM Arena

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