HTC Gold Leaked as Windows Phone 7 Device

HTC Gold Leaked as Windows Phone 7 Devicev

As far as rumors go, we always take it with a pinch of salt. But claiming to get a full list of release schedule for mobile devices in the United Kingdom, which includes the first Windows Phone 7 device from HTC? There might be some merit in that. Omio is reporting that the HTC Gold will be available in November, and slated to be loaded with Microsoft's upcoming Windows Phone 7.

Engadget - O, to see what Omio sees. The outlet has obtained what it claims to be "a huge UK mobile phone release schedule for the rest of the year... [from] all the manufacturers" (emphasis its own). So, from where would such an all-encompassing roadmap hail? We don't know, nor can we corroborate any of this, but the details are numerous so let's go through it -- albeit with cautious optimism and a few grains of salt. The biggest phone we can see of this baker's dozen of a lineup is the HTC Gold (sound familiar?), due in November and loaded with Microsoft's mobile OS newcomer Windows Phone 7.

Fact is, with the Kin's development team merged with the current Windows Phone 7 team, it's more than likely that we'll be seeing a Windows Phone 7 device sooner than expected. So keep your eyes out, and check out the full list of devices from Omio here.

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