HTC Gives Developers Access to HTC Sense UI with HTC OpenSense

HTC Gives Developers Access to HTC Sense UI with HTC OpenSense

At this point, nobody can really fault HTC for not listening to the community. First, HTC's CEO Peter Chou announces that its Android devices will have its bootloader unlocked to allow unhindered access to its Android phones. Following which, at Qualcomm's Uplinq 2011 conference, Chou once again throws up another surprise - allowing access to the company's HTC Sense UI for developers to build plugins and add-ons to seamlessly integrate with HTC's unique user interface.

ReadWriteMobile - This morning at Qualcomm's Uplinq 2011 conference in San Diego, Peter Chou, CEO of HTC, announced the launch of HTCDev, a new developer program which opens up HTC's "Sense" user interface (UI) for Android to developers. The program's early partners include LinkedIn, Google Picasa, Gameloft and others, all of which have used the new tools to build plugins and add-ons to more deeply integrate their apps with HTC's iconic UI.

In the weeks to come, HTC's OpenSense software development kit (SDK) will be made available on the HTCDev program's website. This SDK contains sample codes and API access for the HTC Sense UI, and will be compatible with the recently launched HTC Sense 3.0 on the HTC Flyer. The company will also be conducting outreach programs for developers to familiarize themselves with the various APIs found on HTC Sense. In essence, HTC is going all out to woo developers and strengthen their HTC Sense UI. And for the consumers, that means we can expect more interesting apps and widgets added onto the HTC Sense experience.

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