HP TouchPads Shipped with Google Android

HP TouchPads Shipped with Google Android

HP's TouchPads have been discontinued, but there are some who are still yearning for the tablet, either for the webOS within or hoping to load it with other operating systems such as Ubuntu. However, a little hiccup has occurred, in the form of a Google Android 2.2 Froyo OS being found within shipped HP TouchPads.

Developers who are currently working on porting the Android OS onto the TouchPads have been facing various issues in getting the port to communicate properly with the TouchPad's firmware related to its multi-touch and wireless functionalities. Based on the Google Android open source license, if HP had managed to successfully port the Google mobile OS onto its tablet, the company is obligated to release the Android source code to developers.

However, HP has claimed no knowledge of how the Android OS was loaded into its recent shipment of the TouchPad. HP's Director for Open Source Program Office, Phil Robb, has gone on record, claiming that "HP never authorized the distribution of any version of Android on the HP Touchpad". Meanwhile, HP is launching an investigation to how the Android OS was shipped alongside the TouchPad, with a request for developers to provide any information to assist the company in tracking down the original source.

Source: HP via Daily Tech

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