HP TouchPad Becomes an UbuntuPad

HP TouchPad Becomes an UbuntuPad

WebOS may be dead, but the TouchPad has been selling like hotcakes ever since HP slashed prices to a low of US$99. Now there's another reason for geeks to want the TouchPad besides its bargain price - you can install Ubuntu, a flavor of Linux, on the box.

GigaOM writes:

Brad Linder’s Liliputing blog has a detailed listing of the process of installing Ubuntu on the TouchPad, which was built out over the past several weeks by PreCentral forum users. Since many Ubuntu applications are compiled for x86 processors instead of ARM chips, like the one in the TouchPad, not all Ubuntu software will run on the slate. For now, Firefox, Chromium, and LibreOffice appear to be working, in addition to TightVNC for remote access to other computers, just to name a few.

How's that for a geeky project to work on? Here's the link straight to the installation instructions on the Liliputing website.

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