HP Shifts webOS to Office of Strategy and Technology Division

HP Shifts webOS to Office of Strategy and Technology Division

We have more dips on HP's troubled mobile operating system. Based on reports published by PreCentral, HP will be splitting the former Palm Inc arm into two separate business units. The hardware division will remain in HP's Personal Systems Group under Stephen DeWitt, while the software faction, including webOS, will be moved to HP's Office of Strategy and Technology division. 

Shane Robison, HP's Chief Strategy and Technology Officer, states that the move also supports the teams’ continued efforts with over-the-air updates and the application catalog. In other words, webOS device owners, including those who managed to grab the TouchPads in HP's recent fire sale, may not find themselves stranded in limbo after all.

With HP's apparent plans to spin off PSG, we reckon the shifting of webOS to the OS&T division ensures the Sunnyvale camp is able to retain the platform as part of their software property. Although the company announced plans to exit the PC hardware business and the cessation of all operations pertaining to webOS barely two weeks ago, HP was careful not to declare the operating system to be dead or defunct. However, punters are not ruling out the possibility of HP licensing the platform to other mobile makers in the near future. 

Source: Ars Technica

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