HP Seeking To Speed Up Netbooks With "Instant-On" Operating System Buy?

HP Seeking To Speed Up Netbooks With "Instant-On" Operating System Buy?

Recently, leaked information has revealed that HP netbooks may be among of the first to feature Google's Chrome OS at launch. Now, after buying Palm, Inc., the U.S. tech giant is making a smaller acquisition - that of a lighter-weight OS that may signal a move away from traditional desktop operating systems for some ultra-portable products.

Tech site InfoWorld reports that HP is acquiring the assets and technologies of the HyperSpace "instant-on" OS from well-known BIOS maker Phoenix Technologies:

Hewlett-Packard will buy Linux-based quick-boot OS and client virtualization assets from Phoenix Technologies for $12 million, Phoenix said on Thursday. HP will buy HyperSpace, a watered-down version of the Linux OS that allows users to surf the Web, view digital images or check e-mail just a few seconds after switching on a PC. The OS works on netbooks, laptops and desktops. Phoenix has offered HyperSpace as an option to Microsoft's Windows OS, which could take 30 seconds or more to boot.

Buying a quick-booting OS could signal that HP is exploring ways to keep the netbook market afloat at a time when tablet devices, with their "always-on" capability, are widely believed to be sounding the netbook's death knell.

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