HP Reveals Its First Three WebOS Devices

HP Reveals Its First Three webOS Devices

Back in 2010, HP's US$1.2 billion dollar acquisition of Palm, and by default, the webOS platform, was one of the major news in the tech industry. In less than a year, we are now looking at three new webOS devices bearing the HP brand. The first of which is the HP Veer, which is designated as a compact device that bears much resemblance (in hardware) to the earlier Palm Pre2,

Our interest, however, lies with the HP Pre3 and the HP TouchPad. The former gets a few major hardware boost, such as a larger 3.58-inch screen and an upgraded Qualcomm MSM 8x55 1.4GHz processor. The HP tablet is armed with even more powerful specs, such as a Qualcomm Snapdragon dual-CPU APQ8060 1.2GHz processor and a generous 9.7-inch display with a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels.

Right now, we are pretty impressed with the hardware capabilities of its Pre3 and TouchPad. The real challenge for HP, lies with the software ecosystem, given how it is entering a market that is now dominated by Apple iOS and Google Android apps.

Currently, all three devices are slated for a US release, with no official news on its Asia availability. However, two weeks later, HP will be hosting a separate press conference in Shanghai, which could reveal more details of its retail availability outside of the States. To learn more about the new HP webOS devices, click here.

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