HP Positions Slate 500 As A 'Business Tablet'

HP Positions Slate 500 As A 'Business Tablet'

What separates a business tablet from a conventional one? We might not know the defining criteria, but HP will be targeting business users with the newly released Slate 500 if they can help it. The implications are there. This may well be a marketing ploy to create a niche for themselves, or even a calculated business decision to avoid a head-on skirmish with Apple's iPad. Whatever the case, it will be hard for business executives to say no to the Slate 500's Atom Z540 1.86GHz processor, dual cams and SD card slot - stuff which might turn the iPad green with envy.

PC World - HP had a surprise for the tech world when it announced the immediate retail availability of its Windows 7 Slate 500 tablet computer. Although the iPhone revolution has all but erased the distinction between consumer and business when it comes to mobile devices, the marketing strategy for the Slate 500 tablet seems to be to target it as a "business tablet". That strategy automatically implies two things. First, that HP does not wish to go head to head with the iPad so it wants to draw a distinction between its target audience and that of the Apple tablet. Second, that HP is suggesting the Apple iPad--and possibly even the Samsung Galaxy Tab--are not capable of filling the role of business tablets.

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