HP to Port webOS into Printers

HP to Port webOS into Printers

Ever since HP made the move to acquire Palm and all its resources, including webOS, it's easy to guess that the upcoming HP tablets, such as the Slate, would be gunning for this new resource. True to that, HP has made it clear that it'll be using the Palm webOS in favour of Microsoft's Windows 7 platform. But more than just tablets, HP is also the makers of other PC peripherals, such as printers. Lo and behold, turns out the company is intending to implement the newly acquired OS into its printer series.

Engadget - We joked about HP printers running webOS almost the second we learned about the Palm acquisition, but it turns out that's actually part of the plan: HP CEO Mark Hurd told analysts that webOS would hit a "variety of form factors, including slates and web-connected printers" on the company's Q2 financial results call today.

The Palm webOS would most likely be spotted on its higher-end printers, and as stated by the company, would be on the web-connected printers. The question is - how will webOS be retooled to suit the needs of the printer? Hopefully, we'll find out by the end of the year, so check out the full story here for more info.

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