HIS Announces the HIS 6970 EyeFinity RTS (Ready-to-See) - Inexpensively Expansive!

HIS 6970 EyeFinity RTS (Ready-to-See) - Inexpensively Expansive!

HIS announced the new HIS 6970 EyeFinity RTS 2GB graphics card and  it features what the company calls Eyefinity RTS (Ready-to-see).

It allows the user to set up a triple display with AMD Eyefinity technology. This is done purely with HDMI without the need for DisplayPort connectors and DisplayPort ready monitors. The consumer who wants to immerse in AMD Eyefinity display technology would be able to do so with monitors that are HDMI ready.

The HIS 6970 EyeFinity RTS card has a core clock of 880 Mhz and comes with 2GB of GDDR5 memory clocked at 5500MHz. The graphics card adheres to reference clock speeds of the AMD Radeon HD 6970 GPU.

Since it is a part of the IceQ series from HIS, it features a dual-slot, four copper heatpipe cooler with a blower "Black Hole Impeller" fan. According to HIS, the card should end up up to 23°C cooler than the reference one. On its back plate, it features two DVI ports, HDMI and two mini DisplayPort ones.

The HIS 6970 EyeFinity RTS is a limited edition card and will be available by the middle of this month. It has a manufacturer's SRP of  ~US$450.

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