Harry Potter Goes Digital

Harry Potter Goes Digital

As fans reel over the big screen conclusion of their beloved franchise, JK Rowling has decided it may not be the swansong for the series after all.

JK Rowling's new website, the aptly-named Pottermore, will open in October. Pottermore will be a free website with new information about the Harry Potter universe as well as an interactive online experience for those who have satiated their Potter appetites with the paperbacks and hardcovers.

What caught our interest though was that Pottermore will be teaming up with Google to release the Harry Potter e-books in the U.S. via Google's Google eBooks platform. Fans will be able to purchase the e-book via Pottermore, and store it in Google Books' library-in-the-cloud, so they can read it on any device with a browser, or on their mobile phones with the Google Books app.

We do hope local fans will be offered this opportunity too though Google eBooks are currently only available for sales to users located in the U.S. We share your disappointment.

Source: Inside Google Books


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