Groove in Style with New PIIQ Headphones by Sony

Groove in Style with New PIIQ Headphones by Sony

Sony Electronics Asia Pacific today introduces the new PIIQ (pronounced 'peek') headphone series, featuring five distinctive headphones and in-ear headphones that make a bold and unique fashion statement. Drawing inspiration from artists, skaters and urban street culture, PIIQ headphones are meticulously designed with great attention to style, and combined with Sony’s sound performance and comfort.

Bold urban design, solid audio performance

PIIQ offers a look that is starkly different from typical, monotone headphones. The unconventional design and styling of the new PIIQ headphones are influenced by the bold and active lifestyles of today’s youth with its bright, neon colour combinations. Users will also notice certain design features that are reminiscent of items in urban street culture – from the use of comfortable cushioning material similar to that of knee guards, to uniquely shaped ear buds that look like gas masks. However, the PIIQ series does not scrimp on audio quality. Depending on one’s music preferences, the five headphones offer Sony technologies that deliver crystal clear sounds as well as solid treble and bass performance.

The PIIQ series comes in five different variations to suit different audio and style preferences:


Inspired by snowboard boot binders, the pink MDR-PQ1 features two velcro-lined adjustment tabs with a lock-down mechanism that ensure the headphones give a comfortable fit. For those who like to groove to strong beats, the MDR-PQ1 is equipped with 40mm driver units for deep, powerful bass tones. The MDR-PQ1 is also well padded in its headband and ear cups to offer a superior “cush feel” and eliminate any sense of discomfort from long time wear. In addition, the flat cord is secured by an elastic loop to avoid tangling.


The MDR-PQ2 features a more organic design with flushed edges, and is available in three colour combinations. The 30mm driver units are made of Neodymium magnets, one of the strongest permanent magnets in the world, delivering crystal clear and powerful sound. Like the MDR-PQ1, the MDR-PQ2 is ergonomically designed as well with its well-padded headband and ear cups connected to a slick, durable flat cord.


With a durable rubber-coated headband and housing, the unique design of the MDR-PQ3 reduces any possible impact damage and scratches that can come after a few vigorous skateboard flips and tricks. Aided by Neodymium magnet driver units, the MDR-PQ3 is big on both sound and aesthetics, and available in four funky colours.


Available in brightly coloured hues, the MDR-PQ4 in-ear headphones come with a cord slider to prevent tangled cords, as well as hybrid silicone rubber ear buds of different sizes for maximum comfort. It also features a unique ear-clip design that allows users to clip the headphones to their earlobes for a secure, snug fit during vigorous activities such as cycling or dancing.


The MDR-PQ5 open-ear headphones stand out with its distinctive gas mask inspired design in four stunning colour combinations. Superior sound quality is achieved with the bass booster earpiece for a more distinct bass sound.

The PIIQ line of headphones will be available in Asia Pacific from September 2010.

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