Greplin Sorts Your Online Identity

Greplin Sorts Your Online Identity

In today's world everyone has an online presence. Pretty much everyone has a Gmail, Facebook and Twitter account. Depending on personal preferences and browsing habits, you may also subscribe to a plethora of other online services such as LinkedIn, Yammer, Google+, Google Docs, Dropbox etc. Seeing that you can have concurrent threads of conversation going on at Facebook, Google+, Twitter or any one of the other platforms, your data is being spread across disparate sources.

So what happens if you asked a new friend for a phone number and you cannot recall whether he tweeted, emailed or posted it to your wall? Or how do you proceed when you cannot remember whether that important document you needed was saved as an attachment in a draft email, uploaded to Google Docs or stored at Dropbox? Instead of opening up each individual service you can use Greplin to search through your entire online presence.

The online search bar is specifically designed to look through all your accounts once you have added them to Greplin. And it has introduced in the ability to search in-file as well. This means that it not only searches through file names, but also sift through the actual text content of your data and pluck out the relevant bits. With a mobile app to boot, you can easily search your virtual persona for data.

Greplin is an excellent way to get a grip on the sprawling amounts of information and data that we now store on the web. The new in-file search feature greatly expands its usability and the accuracy of its result. For now, signing up is free and you can search through most major platforms for free. Other services can be added for a monthly or yearly fee. While it may not be Google, if social media continues to grow at the rate it is doing so now, one day services like Greplin could be almost as essential.

Source: Greplin (via Tech Crunch)

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