Google's Valentine's Day Gift

Google's Valentine's Day Gift

Valentine's Day is not just about flowers, chocolates and all sorts of gift for your loved ones. And on 14th February, Google is here to remind you that it's not the gifts or how you set up the perfect date that matters.

Users of Google's search engine will notice an image of a boy holding a photo frame, with a somewhat recognizable play icon on it. Click on the image, and you'll be treated to a short animation of a boy and his quest to find the perfect Valentine Day's gift for his girl. Alas, the girl is not too impressed with his gestures, and continues with her rope skipping while the boy goes back and forth on Google, in search of that special present.

After repeated attempts, the boy gives up, brings along his own skipping rope, and joins the girl. And that was what she wanted, to have the boy accompanying her and proceeds to skip alongside him with the same rope. This is promptly followed by a montage of couples, from the odd ones such as a cat and a dog, an astronaut and an alien, to matching pairs such as a cookie and milk.

Over the years, Google has tossed in quite a number of similar easter eggs, such as making its home page snow during Christmas when one types "let it snow" or having the page doing a barrel roll. On Valentine's Day, you can either head on over to the Google page and click on the image to view this simple yet sweet animation, or view it via YouTube:

Source: Google

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