Google's Swiffy Converts Flash Files to HTML5

Google's Swiffy Converts Flash Files to HTML5

Google has released Swiffy, an online tool that converts Flash SWF files to HTML5, thus allowing them to be used on devices (such as Apple's iOS devices) without Flash capabilities. The resulting HTML5 should run in any modern browser that supports JavaScript objects, SVG (scalable vector graphics), and CSS3.

To use Swiffy, simply have your SWF file ready, and upload it on the Swiffy website for conversion. The compiler would generate a JSON file, and a client-side JavaScript runtime would render it using HTML, SVG, and CSS3.

On the SWF features that Swiffy would support, this is what the FAQ says:

Swiffy supports many common SWF features such as vector graphics, embedded fonts, images and timeline animation. Basic ActionScript 2.0 code is also supported, but don't expect to convert your favorite Flash game yet. In general, Swiffy supports most of the features in Flash 5, so exporting your file as a Flash 5 will give the best results. The Swiffy compiler will warn you when unsupported SWF features are encountered.

Adobe also has a tool called Wallaby that converts Flash FLA to HTML. The main difference between Wallaby and Swiffy is that the former is an installable tool and the latter a web-based tool. Also, Swiffy's generated format isn't as easily editable.

Source: Google

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