Google's Search App Packs Quite a Punch

Google's Search App Packs Quite a Punch

Google's problems with iOS applications are well documented. But with the new Google Search for the iPhone and iPad, the search giants may have broken the trend. The new version of the application can not only bring up results for search queries but also provides access to the Google suite of web apps.

With the Google Search app, the user also gets access to other services such as Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Google+, Picasa, YouTube and Google Books in matryoshka doll fashion. Each app opens up in a self-contained browser and can also be operated using voice commands.

It is almost as if Google has managed to sneak its Chrome OS onto the iPad and iPhone with this new application. And it might be the same approach Google will take for the future. Up till now, the search giant has been trying to roll out native apps for its services on all platforms without much success. But if it can port its suite of web apps over to different devices in a stable way via this route, we doubt many end-users would complain.

Source: App Store (via Techland)

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