Google's New Social Search Features Land Them In Hot Water

Google's New Social Search Features Land Them In Hot Water

Twitter’s General Counsel Alexander Macgillivray for one is not a fan of the new changes for more social searches that Google rolled out recently. As shown by the picture above, he tested out the new version and found out that the results were inaccurate. While searching for "@WWE" should return the Twitter account, the results actually direct you to the WWE Google+ Page.

While Google's handling of operators is known to be wonky, there is no doubt that the additional side bar displaying Pages and Profiles is Google pushing its own agenda. At the same time the Electronic Privacy Information Center has recommended that the FTC take a closer look at the features, dubbed Search+, for possible privacy and anti-trust concerns. 

With social media platforms becoming pivotal to users, it seems every big player is looking out for their own interests. There is no doubting the fact that Google's new Search+ features are heavily focused towards increasing the visibility of content on Google+. However Twitter's and EPIC's claims that foul play is at hand might be a bit far fetched in our opinion. However, Google still has to wait for official statement from the FTC before it is in the clear.

Source: Techcrunch

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