Google's Management Not Eating Google+ Dog Food

Google's Management Not Eating Google+ Dog Food

It's no secret that Google employee bonuses are tied to the success or failure of social media at Google. Unfortunately, however, social media tech blog Mashable (who got it from The Understatement) pointed out that Google's top management hardly use Google Plus at all.

And that wasn't the worst part. Some of them, Eric Schmidt included, don't even own a Google Plus account. According to Mashable, if Google's top management doesn't use Google Plus, why should the rest of us use it? Sure it's got some interesting features that could be useful in the future, and ever since they opened it up to everybody, subscriber numbers have been picking up. Then again, it doesn't seem to be the time-sink it was when it was first launched, and that's not a good thing for Google.

As Mashable so eloquently put it, if Google management doesn't eat their own dog food, how and why should Google employees be excited about Google Plus at all?

For more figures on who's using Google Plus and who's not, click here. (Source: The Understatement, via Mashable  )

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