Is Google's Chrome PC Safe from Attacks?

Is Google's Chrome PC Safe from Attacks?

Most of us have only seen and heard about Google's Chrome PC from the web, so it's fitting to learn that the Chrome OS isn't as secure as the company is making it out to be. According to a researcher from WhiteHat Security, an independent computer security firm, an exploit that allows hackers to take control of a Google email account via a note-taking application has been found.

Reuters - Google Inc brags that computers running its recently released Chrome operating system are a lot safer than traditional PCs, partly because user data is stored in the Internet cloud and not on the machine.

Yet researchers at an independent computer security firm warn that the Chrome PC's reliance on Web computing makes it vulnerable to the same attacks that hackers have been launching on websites and Web browsers for years.

While the exploit has been reported, with Google offering a US$1,000 reward to the researcher, it seems there's still more potential exploits to be found. This is mostly targeted at applications that sends data between the Chrome browser and the cloud. Regardless, Google is keeping a close watch on its Chrome OS, constantly throwing in fixes to plug any reported and potential exploits.

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