Google Voice Finally On iTunes App Store

Google Voice Finally On iTunes App Store

If you recall, Google Voice was rejected by Apple when the search giant made their initial submission last year. However, it is apparent the Cupertino-based company has since softened its stance given the recent acceptance of the Google app on the iTunes App Store. 

PC World - Last week, Google announced that their Google Voice App was finally accepted into the App Store. You may remember the controversy surrounding Google Voice on the iPhone from September of last year, when Apple first rejected the app. After changing some of its App Store approval policies, Apple began accepting third-party GV apps this past September, but it was unclear as to why the official app hadn't made an appearance until now. In any case, it's here, it works, and it's a huge step forward for the App Store.

It is rumored that AT&T, Apple's exclusive telecommunications partner in the States, is partially to be blamed for the hiccup. AT&T is said to have influenced Apple's decision based on its own line of business interests. Whatever the reason, iPhone wielders can finally look forward to Google Voice on the ubiquitous handset. Read more about it here

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