Google+ Users Reached 10 Million within Two Weeks

Google+ Users Reached 10 Million within Two Weeks


Since its debut two weeks ago, the number of Google+ users has grown to ten million. This is quite an accomplishment considering the fact that Google+ is still in a "limited" trial phase and not available for public use. 

According to CNNMoney, Google+ 's accomplishment is slightly more than one percent of Facebook's 750 million users. Google CEO Larry Page stated that there are more than 1 billion items being shared on Google+ daily, with the "+1" button being clicked 2.3 billion times a day. Despite these achievements, Larry said that what the world has seen so far from Google is only the tip of the iceberg as there are plenty of opportunities for the company than ever before. 

Larry Page - "Today, I see more opportunities for Google than ever before; we're just at the beginning of what we want to do. We're only at 1% of what's possible. Google's just getting started."

With the success of Google+ so far, it seems like Google has come up with a viable alternative to Facebook. Our team generally has a positive view on Google+. Only time will tell whether Google+ can replicate the success of Facebook. If you're already on Google+ and find yourself overwhelmed by the new social network, here's a basic introduction to Google+.

Source: CNNMoney

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