Google TV: Samsung in Final Talks with Google

Google TV: Samsung in Final Talks with Google

"We can succeed where others have failed". That may well be Samsung's latest business creed, given the Korean conglomerate's recent alliance with Google to create a Google-powered HDTV display. As affirmed by Samsung's President of Digital Media Business, Mr Boo-Kuen Yoon, talks between the two companies are already in their final stages. 

Last week, FlatpanelsHD revealed Samsung will be launching a 55-inch OLED TV during CES 2012. While OLED panels are less affordable than conventional LCD panels, they are nonetheless prized by AV enthusiasts for their stellar black levels and fast response times. Although rumors suggest Samsung may also feature an OLED display powered by Google TV at the upcoming trade show, we've just received word (via Smarthouse) that Samsung will not be showcasing a working Google TV model at CES 2012 after all. They may proceed with an announcement, but don't expect to see the Smart TV in the flesh so soon. 

Whether Samsung will succeed with Google TV remains to be seen. Logitech, one of the first to partner Google for their  television platform, recently told investors it has no plans to replenish its Google TV-based Revue set top box's inventory or replace it with a new model.

In the Forbes' report, Logitech's decision was also followed by bitter words from its CEO, Mr Guerrino De Luca, who stated that the company made a mistake into believing that the device would be revolutionary. "The company executed a full scale launch with a beta product and it cost us dearly", stated Mr De Luca.

Source: HDTVtest (via FlatpanelsHD, Forbes & SmartHouse)


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