Google TV Revamps Itself a Year On

Google TV Revamps Itself a Year On

A year on since its launch in fall 2010, Google seeks to reinvent Google TV and make another push to bring the WWW and television sets together. Improvements made to Google's smart TV software platform comprise mainly changes to its user interface as well as support for Android applications. Other changes include improvements made to its YouTube application and also providing easier means for viewers to browse for TV programs and movie titles.

According to an official Google TV blog post, the software update will be coming to Sony devices starting early this week and Logitech devices soon thereafter. Google TV is set to launch in Europe starting early 2012. There was no mention of whether the current software updates have any impact on its European foray.

With these four key updates to Google TV, there is still a bugbear which remains to be seen if Google has successfully overcome. Prior to its maiden launch in the US last fall, Google announced its TV programming partners but failed to include major US TV networks. TV networks such as ABC, CBS and NBC, and major streaming video provider Hulu blocked their content from Google TV due to differences in the business models of these content providers and the Internet search giant.

Source: Wired, Google

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