Google to Shut Down Google Video

Google to Shut Down Google Video

It's taken Google long enough, but the search giant has finally pulled the plug on its own video hosting site, Google Video. Created originally to compete with YouTube, Google eventually bought YouTube, which remains the top online video site. While Google Video was kept alive after that, the site stopped accepting uploads in 2009 and it seems that it's now curtains. If you haven't yet shifted any content from Google Video to an alternate site, now's the time.

PC Magazine - It's not much of a surprise that Google has opted to wind things down with Google Video, considering Google owns YouTube, which according to comScore's January figures, is the number one online video content property with 144.1 million unique viewers per month. Google launched Google Video in 2005, and purchased YouTube the following year. Additionally, Google stopped accepting uploads to Google video a few years ago.

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