Google Reveals No Plans for Chrome OS Tablet

Google Reveals No Plans for Chrome OS Tablet

Google's cloud-based Chrome OS has been the main highlight at this year's Google I/O. With its Android 3.0 tablet-optimized making more appearances on the tablet scene, the inevitable question appeared - will Chrome OS make a debut on tablets? That question was answered by Sundar Pichai, Senior VP of Chrome, revealing that the company has no plans to introduce Chrome OS on tablets, or for that matter, any other form factors.

Engadget - Google's second (and final) day of I/O 2011 was all about Chrome, and unfortunately for those yearning for a Chrome OS tablet, it looks as if your dreams will remain unfulfilled. Sundar Pichai, Senior VP of Chrome, spoke candidly about the company's intentions during an executive Q&A session follow this morning's keynote, and he didn't bother to mince words: "[Chrome OS] is a new experience we're working on. It's hardware agnostic in a sense. We are fully, 100 percent focused on laptops. Most of the web usage -- greater than 90 percent -- is on laptops. That's what we're working on today, and we have no other plans on any other form factors."

And that does make sense. Should Google's Chrome OS find its way onto a tablet, it could affect its Android 3.0 growth, with vendors and consumers facing a tough choice. So if you're still eyeing a Honeycomb tablet, it's safe to say that it won't be replaced anytime soon.

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