Google Releases Galaxy Nexus Stock Firmware

Google Releases Galaxy Nexus Stock Firmware

Here's some good news for Android users who love to root and customize their Android devices - Google has just released the Android 4.0 factory image for its Galaxy Nexus GSM/HSPA+ variant. You can download the stock image over here, and what you might want to download is the 4.0.1 (ITL41F) version which patches the volume bug on the Galaxy Nexus.

The stock image, which reverts the Galaxy Nexus to its factory state, will be especially useful for newbies who rooted and messed up the procedure somewhere along the line. Even those who are familiar with the rooting process will find the stock image to be of use, given how there are so many customized ROMs out there that could unexpectedly go haywire during the loading process.

For those who aren't too familiar with the rooting process, it's a painless affair with apps such as SuperOneClick. Now, if you did mess up the ROM installation, there's also a handy guide that tells you how you can restore the device with the stock image released by Google.

That is, until you've gotten your hands on the Galaxy Nexus infused with Google's latest Android 4.0. If you can't wait to get your hands on Android 4.0, you can get a taste of Ice Cream Sandwich through our top features of the latest Android update, or be patient and wait till early next year for the Galaxy Nexus to be available.

Alternatively, you can cast envious looks at Google employees who just received the OTA update to Android 4.0 on the Nexus S. Still, that's good news for Nexus S users who aren't Google employees, given that the OTA update to your devices should be coming real soon, right after the internal testing.

Source: Google via GSM Arena

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