Google Propellor: Social and News Reader

Google Propellor: Social and News Reader

Google, not content with being the biggest search engine in the world, is continually looking for new and exciting ways to lure users into its lair.

Now that Google+ has more or less stabilized, Google seems to moving forward in its "social" onslaught.

According to AllThingsD, Google tried to buy Flipboard -- a reader app that arranges your content to resemble a magazine --  but was turned down by the well-funded start-up. 

Since then, Google had been working on it's own reader app, and so far, early impressions (according to Robert Scoble's source) have been "mind blowing".

It seems that Google Propellor is made to go head to head with not just Flipboard, but also Zite, Pulse, Livestand and Editions.

There was no time frame given as to when we will be seeing this new card hidden in Google's sleeve, but we do hope it's soon.

To read more, click here. (Via AllThingsD)

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