Google+ Pages Rolls Out for Brands and Businesses

Google+ Pages Rolls Out for Brands and Businesses


There is still some debate over whether or not companies and corporations count as "people" in the legal sense of the word. While there are multiple factors to be taken into account when deliberating the legislative ramifications of such a step, on the social media platforms it is a given that a business or brand can be viewed as a singular individual.


Google+, the big competitor for Facebook has now matched the latter's Brand Pages, by introducing its own Google+ Pages for businesses and brands. Currently if you go and sign-up you are given the option to categorize yourself as follows.

  • Local Business or Place
  • Product or Brand
  • Company, Institution, or Organization
  • Arts, Entertainment, or Sports
  • Other

The new function from Google also matches Facebook's version feature for feature. 

Comparison of Google+ Pages and Facebook Brand Pages
Google+ Pages Facebook Brand Pages
+1 allows users to show appreciation of content Like allows users to show appreciation of content
Hangout allows Page owners to interact with the users Video Chat with Skype performs the same role for Facebook
Circles allows control over who has access to what content Smart Friends lists lets Facebook users control privacy settings

As you can see, both platforms are evenly matched. What might give Google the edge is the fact that they have their Google Search Engine to help the social media platform out.

The introduction of Google+ Pages comes with the launch of Direct Connect search function. By adding a "+" before a brand name (eg: +Google), you will be able to go directly to the company's Google+ Page. Now that is something Facebook cannot match.

The full press release announcing the launch of Google+ Pages can be found here.

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