Google No Longer Buzz-ing

Google No Longer Buzz-ing

Google might be able to predict your search queries before you even complete typing them in the input box, but it still has not got a grasp on what makes a successful social networking service. The company bought over Orkut eons ago hoping to see it grow, started off Google Videos to go head to head with Youtube before admitting defeat and buying the latter out and offered up Google Buzz to be a competitor to Twitter.

After launching Google+ to be an alternative to Facebook though, it seems that older platforms have become redundant. This is why during their recent house cleaning sessions, Google has decided to discontinue its Google Buzz service. Shut down is expected in a few weeks after which you will be unable to post new content. However, older posts will be accessible on the Google Profile page and can be downloaded using Google Takeout.

It is evident that Google's social media strategy leaves a lot to be desired. Not only do they miss the mark more often than not, they are generally not the first movers and we think the fact that Buzz was late to the party had a huge role to play in its failure. In fact after Google Engineer Steve Yegge accidentally made an internal communication public, we find that employees of the search giant seem to view its social media strategies in pretty much the same light. The road to success is paved with failure though and hopefully Google can use the failed Buzz endeavor to glean more insight into the social media environment.

Source: Google (via Techland)

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