Google Nexus Two To Be Made By Samsung

Google Nexus Two To Be Made By Samsung

Rumors of the Google Nexus Two have been floating around the internet with no verification, but looks like Gizmodo has gotten their hands on one and lived to tell the tale. This time, it wasn't left in a bar, but rather, a friend got their hands on it. It's being made by Samsung, will have a front facing camera and resembles the Galaxy S. It's also made of plastic, which is quite disappointing given the build quality of the first Nexus phone but maybe that will change in the retail version. - The Nexus Two is real. It's made by Samsung, and a friend of ours got to play with it. It's not going rock your face like the Nexus One did. But it will record it with a front-facing camera.

"When I first saw it from 10 feet away, I thought it was the Galaxy S," says our source, who got to handle one. "I was a little surprised it was the Nexus Two," because it's so different from the Nexus One.

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