Google Nexus One Still Available as Developer Phone

Google Nexus One Still Available as Developer Phone

Google might have officially pulled the Nexus One off its online store, but if you're still interested in getting one, there are ways to go about it. Such as, become a developer for the Google Android platform. News from the Android Developers blog has revealed that the Google superphone will be replacing the earlier G1 as the official developer phone, priced at US$529.

Gizmodo - In a post on the Android Developers blog, Tim Bray delivered the good news that the Nexus One would be replacing the G1 as the official Google Developer Phone. That means developers, or anyone else who's been longing for the Nexus One, can order the phone for $529 through their Android developer account, and use it on any carrier.

Of course, if you are able to wait it out, there's still the possibility of getting your Nexus One from retail stores as mentioned by Google earlier. However, it could be a while later as there's still no confirmation on how and when this is happening. For more information about getting the Nexus One as a developer, click here.

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