Google Maps 5.8 for Android Adds Photo Upload Feature

Google Maps 5.8 for Android Adds Photo Upload Feature

For the frequent traveler and explorer, be it local or overseas, Google Maps has just added a few enhancements to its Google Maps app for Android. One such feature is the ability to upload photos for places straight from your mobile device. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense to capture specific landmarks and tagging it to the places for easy identification.

Other features that have been added to Google Maps 5.8 for Android includes descriptive terms and a new My Places option. The former is an enhancement to the search results, bringing up points of interest related to businesses, such as their specialties. My Places provides a listing of your favorite and recently visited places.

And if you've stumbled upon an interesting location that hasn't been placed on Google Maps, you can also add it to Google Maps. Doing so will check you into that new location.

Sounds a lot like Foursquare, doesn't it? With Google's various services bolstering each other while performing nearly the same functions as most location based services, it makes one wonder if Google will emerge as the dominant service in the near future.

Source: Google Mobile Blog

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