Google Introduces Its Own Ebook Reader

Google Introduces Its Own Ebook Reader

Bookworms and literature lovers can rejoice because Google has decided to jump on board with iriver to upgrade their Story ebook reader and bring out a new version called the Google iriver Story HD. - The Story HD has a similar design that includes a QWERTY keyboard, though this edition has plated gold accents on the keys and frame. A long, thin four-direction button centered above the keyboard appears to handle page turning, meaning the Story HD is a step behind the newest Nook's touchscreen page-turns for the same price.

While the Kindle and the Nook have already established a steady foothold in the market, we think that the iriver Story HD will look to compete with them by offering a greater and more seemless link with Google's ebook platform along with retaining the Story's reputation for offering support and compatibility with a wide variety of formats.

The Google iriver Story HD will be sold for US$140 and will hit shops on 17th July 2011. More on the story can be found here.

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