Google Introduces Google Currents App

Google Introduces Google Currents App

Google, in the midst of a flurry of activity and revamps, announced a brand-new news reading application called Google Currents, one that is said to compete directly with popular apps like Flipboard and more, on Thursday. Like Flipboard, Google Currents presents customized news feeds and stories in a magazine-style interface. Partnering with 150 publishers with offered content from more than 180 publications, the app also provides access to Google trending editions via their search technology, which will build a set of editions tracking the five most recent trending stories hourly, as well as allows users to add their favorite blogs and feeds.

Android Market - Each edition is available for high speed offline reading, and provides quick-touch sharing. Google Currents self-adapts to differently sized phones and tablets, with your subscriptions synchronized across devices

The free app is available in the iTunes App Store and Android Market for now. Bad news is, they are only officially available for US users at the moment.

Source: Android Market via BGR


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