Google to Go It Alone for Nexus Tablet?

Google to Go It Alone for Nexus Tablet?

As the old saying goes, if you want something done properly, do it yourself. Google might be adopting that mantra for their rumored Nexus Tablet when it comes to distribution. Recently the Android Market was upgraded to Google Play to bring it closer to par with its Apple and Amazon competitors. Now Google might also be looking to develop an online portal to sell its upcoming tablet. Whether Google Play will be further upgraded or a new channel will be established is not yet clear. 

Developed in conjunction with ASUS, probably because legal wranglings have denied Google access to Motorola's patents, the Nexus Tablet along with an online store should give both Amazon and Apple cause for concern. Having tried and failed with direct retail with the Nexus One in 2010, the Tablet product segment should be easier to tackle for Google as it does not rely heavily on mobile data plans. If the endeavor gets up and running, it could eat into competitor's market share.

It looks like Google is going to have a busy few months as everything seems to be falling into place. With Jelly Bean OS expected in the middle of 2012, a new Tablet on the way, and an online store, are the days of Apple dominating the smart device section of consumer electronics coming to an end?

Source: Wall Street Journal via Techland

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