Google+ Gets a Major Facelift

Google+ Gets a Major Facelift

If it's been awhile since you have checked out your Google+ page, now might be a good time as Google has given its social network a major facelift.

The user-interface has been given a revamp; there's now a list of apps on the left side of the screen that provides instant access to some major features such as your profile and circles. The buddy list has been moved to the right of the page,  and photos are made more conspicuous by occupying a larger area on the screen. 

Hangouts have also been given a dedicated page, and there's a new "Explore" feature that displays posts and activity by Google+ members who don't belong to your circles. The end result is a UI that is clean and spartan while sporting a list of apps as a means of navigation.

The improvements have started to roll out and users should have the new UI within the next few days. For more details on the improvements, hit the source.

Source: Google Blog


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