Google Employees Receiving Android 4.0 OTAs on Nexus S

Google Employees Receiving Android 4.0 OTAs on Nexus S

While the region awaits the launch of the Android 4.0-powered Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Google is said to be issuing over-the-air updates (OTAs) of the latest Android operating system to its employees who own the Nexus S as part of an internal testing.

According to The Verge, news first appeared on Twitter and Google+ posts which were shared by Google employees. Initial impressions of the updates were positive, though most of the comments have since been deleted.

Adel Saoud - "Just got Ice-cream Sandwich update on my Nexus S & it's looking great :)"

Some of the new features in Android 4.0 include a refined animated lock screen that allows you to access the camera function without unlocking the screen, a customizable favorites tray where you can drag apps, shortcuts and folders for quicker access, and improved text input. 

Being a Google-branded device, it is highly likely that the Nexus S will be the first to receive Android 4.0, followed by the other Android vendors. HTC, LG, Motorola, Sony Ericsson have confirmed a list of phone models that will receive the update, although no details have been shared with regards to release dates or regions. 

Source: Magnus Kwan (Google+) via The Verge

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