Google Editions to be New Digital Store Front

Google Editions to be New Digital Store Front

While its settlement with publishers is still shrouded with much uncertainty, Google has gone ahead with plans to make use of its huge library of scanned books. The company will be launching a digital bookstore in the middle of the year. A browser-based interface selling e-books in formats that are device agnostic and should work on the majority, if not all e-book readers appear to be the plan.

PC World - Google wants to bring your digital book reader into the cloud. The company has just announced plans to launch its own digital bookstore, a Web-based effort called Google Editions. The store will open sometime toward the middle of the year, a Google spokesperson confirmed to me, possibly as early as late June or July. And unlike many of the current e-book options on the market, Google Editions will let you buy and use its books wherever you want.

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