Google Drive Adds New Preview Functionality

Google Drive Adds New Preview Functionality


A major annoyance of using Google Drive is the fact that users can't preview their files, and have to rely on search to find what their looking for. Google has now addressed that little problem with the introduction of a preview function that works with more than 30 different file types. 

Simply right click on the file you want to preview, select "preview" and the preview window will open. Once it's open, you can just browse through your files using the arrow buttons on both sides of the screen. According to Google, you can even watch videos or scroll through documents with multiple pages. 

You can select and copy text from the preview -- even for a PDF or Microsoft Word document -- or use the zoom buttons to see a file in more detail. Each file preview also gives you one-click access to share, download, print or open a file for editing.

Google Drive's preview and share function is the latest of many updates that Google has been pushing out. Besides offline editing, a preview function is what Google Drive needs to behave more like a folder in an operating system.

This gives Chrome OS -- which primarily relies on Google Drive for storage -- much more credibility as an operating system. According to Google Drive Engineer, Ian Kilpatrick, the preview feature will arrive in the next few days, and should be available to all Google Drive users by the start of next week. 

Source: Official Google Drive Blog

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