Google Docs Updated for Greater Functionality

Google Docs Updated for Greater Functionality

Google Docs is being ramped up to provide greater functionality than ever before. A total of 450 new fonts have been added to the service so as to enable users to create more elaborate pamphlets and invitations. You can check out the new list of fonts available here before you start adding them in.

After offering integration with its Google Drive cloud storage service, Google has also focused on improving the scripting options available for Docs. ScriptService can allow those proficient with coding to automate procedures based on trigger input.

Scripting is something that other cloud services do not offer at the moment. It definitely helps people already proficient with coding and programming to streamline their Google Doc experience. However, if Google does allow for the developers to push out their own Google Docs apps for public consumption, we might see the benefits being shared by all.

Source: Google Docs Blog via Arstechnica

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