Google Deleting "Questionable" Google Plus Accounts

Google Deleting "Questionable" Google Plus Accounts

Google's latest attempt at cleaning up its Google Plus profiles has rattled more than a few feathers. Apparently, a handful of Google Plus users are seeing red after their accounts were revoked without warning due to the usage of "questionable" profile names. Even William Shatner himself wasn't spared. To give Google the benefit of doubt, Google's policies does state that Google Plus members are prohibited from using pseudonyms, professional titles or unusual characters in their profile name.

The Huffington Post - Google+, Google's latest attempt at developing a popular social networking service, has users in a tizzy because of its no-negotiation policy regarding what it takes to be fake profile names.

Google is placing a lot of emphasis on user authenticity. And its latest clean-up act may also result in the loss of one's Gmail account following the deactivation of the relevant Google Plus account. More on this story here.  

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