Google Cloud Print Beta Is Here

Google Cloud Print Beta Is Here

First mentioned in April this year, Google's Cloud Print is a web-based feature which enables Chrome users to print from mobile devices via the cloud. After a eight-month hiatus, Cloud Print is finally ready to roll in its beta phase. However, in order for Cloud Print to work, there are some requirements you might want to note. Firstly, Google Cloud Print is only available on smart phones and Chrome notebooks. You'll also require Chrome browser version of 9.0.597.1 or higher. Mac fans will have to wait since Cloud Print is purely for Windows XP, 7 or Vista users for the time being.

TechCrunch - Back in April, we wrote about a very cool new feature that Google was working on alongside Chrome OS: Cloud Print. Essentially, it’s a service that takes all of the printer drivers you normally need on a computer and puts them in the cloud (on Google’s servers). This way, you can easily print from a machine regardless of the OS. This means you can print from Chrome OS or from any mobile device. And it appears that it’s now just about ready to roll out.

Google Cloud Print jobs are submitted and retrieved over https, so we are guessing it should be relatively secure. Hit the link to read up more on Cloud Print. 

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