Google Chrome 15 Ready for Download

Google Chrome 15 Ready for Download


Google Chrome 15 is ready for download. The new version of the popular web browser has just been shifted to the stable channel by the makers. While you will not be prompted to update to the new version just yet, those who like to get the latest software first can manually download it from the Chrome website.

There are no new upgrades to functionality but there are quite a few cosmetic changes. The most important one in our opinion is the fact that new tabs in Chrome will no longer be blank. Instead they will show the familiar grid of the user's most visited websites or the installed applications. Navigation between the two options is achieved through side arrows.

Nothing groundbreaking if you ask us, but the blank new tab fix  is something we have been wanting for a while now. The Chrome Web Store also gets redesigned to a simpler and cleaner outlook.  

Most of the major web browsers have shifted to a six month development cycle for new updates to their products. That means new ideas are conceptualized, implemented, tested and rolled out in half a year. While design and aesthetic trends might change in that time frame, it is safe to assume no great technological shifts occur. Hence it seems that the new versions of browsers will continue to just be superficially different for a while. If you remember Firefox 7 was released just months after Firefox 6 and followed the same pattern. Besides addressing the flaws from the previous version, all it offered was the removal of "http://" from the address bar.

Source: Google Chrome Blog (via Ars Technica and Tech Land)

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