Google Blocks Facebook's Gmail Contacts Search

Google Blocks Facebook's Gmail Contacts Search

Who here has used Facebook's Gmail contacts search to look for friends? Well, as of last week, you can't do that any longer. Google has blocked Facebook from being able to access Gmail's contact list, citing that Facebook is a one-way street: You can search for your Gmail contacts through Facebook, but you can't search for your Facebook contacts through Gmail for instance.

According to though, this move to block Facebook may not just be Google taking a stance on principle.

Google is likely picking pick this fight now because of an anticipated launch of a competing social networking service, rumored to be called Google Me. The fastest way to hit the ground running would be for Google’s 176 million monthly users to cross-index their friends among Facebook’s 500 million members. Facebook, the 800-pound gorilla, isn’t especially interested in giving a new competitor a leg up - especially one of Google’s size - and is making it clear it doesn’t want to let users have their data or play fairly when it comes to portability.

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