Google Auto-Correct a Bane for Apps?

Google Auto-Correct a Bane for Apps?

Google auto-correct is like the annoying teacher you had back when you were a kid; she would correct every grammatical error you made whether it was intentional on your part or not.

Well now it seems auto-correct isn't only annoying the heck out of us mere mortals but also giving app developers a massive headache.

A few weeks ago, a start-up launched the iPhone app, Locai, which is sort of like Foursquare but places more emphasis on interaction and conversations. Encouraged by the decent reception the app received, the start-up decided to launch an Android version.

Well sadly, the grammar teacher in Google didn't really like it and Locai found that the Android Market was auto-correcting all searches for "Locai" to "Local", effectively making the app invisible to the world.

And so Locai is faced with a dilemma; to change their name and lose the branding they had established, or pray that Google sacks the auto-correct monster or at least makes some changes so users can search for exact matches before showing the auto-correct results.

Source: Tech Crunch

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