Google Announces Dart, a New Structured Web Programming Language

Google Announces Dart, a New Structured Web Programming Language

Google has launched an early preview to its new web programming language called Dart (formerly known as Dash). Google's goal is to provide an alternative to JavaScript; which is the de facto scripting language for web browsers. JavaScript is often implemented client-side, as part of a Web browser in order to enhance user interface and create a more dynamic web experience for end users.

Dart aims to overcome some of the shortcomings found in JavaScript and eventually evolve into a solid platform for structured web programming. It is touted to offer more security and better performance than JavaScript. At the same time, it is also conceived for developers so that they will feel comfortable and at ease while learning and developing applications with Dart.

Google has made Dart and its development tools open source in order to grow its developer base. As of now, there are no browsers, including Google's Chrome, that have native support for Dart. Since Dart is being developed solely by Google, they will need to convince the other browser vendors to support its new web programming language. They will also need to engage web application programmers to learn Dart and its associated development tools. Hence, the acceptance of Dart rests heavily on Google's handling of matters on these two fronts.

Source: Google Code blog

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