Google Announces Augmented Reality Glasses Project

Google Announces Augmented Reality Glasses Project

Glasses that display information at your request, takes photos and even gives you turn-by-turn navigation. Sounds like something from a science-fiction movie? Yes, and Google is attempting to turn that concept into a reality.

Codenamed Project Glass, the project is handled by the Google[x] group, which is also responsible for other technological concepts such as self-driven cars. The augmented reality glasses are still in the conceptual phase, with the company dedicating a Google+ page and seeking input from users to improve and tweak the idea.

On the same Google+ page, design photos were also shown, giving you an idea of how the wraparound shades might look like. Google also created a mock-up video, demonstrating how the glasses might function through the perspective of an actual user.

Google's development of Project Glass is not without reason. With Apple's latest iPhone 4S incorporating Siri, an intelligent voice assistant that understands and performs contextual requests, Google's augmented reality glasses could serve as a strong complement to its pool of Android devices. The question is, how soon will this concept bear fruit in the form of an actual product?

According to a Google insider who spoke to Reuters, the commercial availability of the glasses is still uncertain at this point in time. However, the same source noted that Google is known to develop technologies that can be used in the immediate future, rather than one that requires future technology to be available before it can be implemented.

The augmented reality glasses will be under development over the next two years, with members of the Google[x] team testing it in public, says the Google insider.

Source: Google via Reuters

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