Google Announces Android 4.0.3, Rolls out ICS for Samsung Nexus S

Google Announces Android 4.0.3, Rolls out ICS for Samsung Nexus S


Google announced on its Android Developers Blog an updated version of the ICS platform, Android 4.0.3 which will be used as the base version and pushed out to Android vendors in the coming weeks. In addition, Samsung Nexus S users will receive ICS update over the coming month.

Users and developers can look forward to new features in Android 4.0.3 which include the following:

  • Social stream API in Contacts Provider: It has a similar concept to HTC Sense, where users can see what their peers are doing or saying via their contact pictures. The new API allows apps that use social stream data (status updates and check-ins) to sync that data with each contact and present them in a stream.
  • Calender provider enhancements: Apps can now add color to events, for easier differentiation, and new attendee types and states are now available.
  • New Camera capabilities:  Apps can access and retrieve location information for an image or video. Moreover, apps also can check and manage video stabilization, and use QVGA resolution profiles when necessary. 
  • Home screen widgets: Based on the characteristics of a home screen, the system will automatically adds padding for each widget for a more uniform, consistent presentation in a grid. 
  • Accessibility refinements: There will be improved content access for screen readers, new status and error reporting for text-to-speech engines.

On another front, Google has rolled out ICS updates for Samsung Nexus S devices since Saturday. This is expected as Google employees received Android 4.0 OTAs on their Nexus S devices a few weeks ago and the final version should come soon. The company also prepared a list of tips for Nexus S users who are going to or have updated their devices to Android 4.0.

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