Google Android Honeycomb Demoed on Motorola Protoype Tablet

Google Android Honeycomb Demoed on Motorola Protoype Tablet

Seems Google does know what it's saying when it stated that its upcoming Android update, Honeycomb (not to be confused with the just announced Android 2.3 Gingerbread on the Google Nexus S), is built for tablets. Google's Andy Rubin had the chance to demonstrate the capabilities of Honeycomb on a prototype Motorola tablet.

All Things Digital - Google’s Andy Rubin came to D: Dive Into Mobile packing some serious hardware, and not just the company’s newly announced smartphone, the Nexus S. He came with a prototype Motorola Android tablet, running a dual-core Nvidia chip and Honeycomb, the next iteration of Android.

What we're really eyeing, however, is the Motorola tablet, which looked mightily sleek from the video. To put it simply, we can't wait to see what the Motorola tablet can do, and looking forward, how Google Android Honeycomb will be implemented across various manufacturers. Take a closer look at Honeycomb and the Motorola tablet over here.

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